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Patio Pups Apr 14, 2022 Doggos & Everyday & Color A little play break with the pups this afternoon. Sophie isn’t much for walks anymore but she still likes to roam around on the patio. A few indoor Play Time Mar 27, 2022 Doggos & Everyday & Monochrome I love this little dude. Max is 14 years old and he still thinks he’s a puppy. Fujifilm X-T2 w Fujinon 23mm f2 R WR lens Grooming Day Mar 24, 2022 Doggos & Everyday & Monochrome & Moments The pups were long overdue for haircuts due to some minor health issues. Both of them are really not fond of grooming day so I’m sure they were Rough Week Jun 27, 2021 Moments & Everyday & Monochrome & Doggos Max had a rough week. The old boy was suffering from muscle spasms. Best hypothesis is that he threw his back out jumping off our bed. A trip to Max Eyes Apr 29, 2021 Moments & Doggos