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May 31, Granville Island May 31, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I was out for a pint at Granville Island this afternoon with freinds and decided to stick around and take a walk after we disbanded. Apart from a Out Back May 25, 2024 Out and About & Color I’ve posted before about my attraction to alleys and I’ve found myself strolling down them again this month! I have a couple of related projects in End Of Day Forest Walk May 15, 2024 Out and About & Color I’m lucky to live near trailheads into Pacific Spirt Park, a 90 hectare coastal rainforest with over 70km of trails. I headed out for some time in M10 Morning May 3, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street It was a beautiful spring morning and circumstances allowed me to be downtown and to have time to get out for a walk. I brought my Leica M10 with Sunshine and Rainbows Apr 28, 2024 'Scapes & Out and About & Color & Coasting The world may not be all sunshine and rainbows but sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. The rain let up for a while this 4th Ave Afternoon Apr 21, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street I haven’t really done any street photography since Las Vegas back in February. I had fun this afternoon shopping and running some errands with my March Market Glimpses Mar 2, 2024 Out and About & Color Just some random glimpses from hanging out in and around the Granville Island Public Market yesterday. Spring is beginning to tease it’s arrival Shades of Las Vegas Feb 20, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street Some select black & white images from our Las Vegas Trip. Ricoh GR3 + a few iPhone 15 Pro Vegas Strip Feb 20, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street Photos from the past few days along the Las Vegas Strip Ricoh GR3 Dusk, Vegas Freeway Feb 19, 2024 Out and About & Color & Sets A short set of images made from the taxi taking us back to the Vegas strip after an afternoon hanging out on Freemont Street. Ricoh GR3 Freemont Street Feb 19, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street Some shots from the spectacle that is Freemont Street, Las Vegas! Ricoh GR3 Neon Museum Feb 19, 2024 Out and About & Color I’d never heard of the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. I’m glad we found out about it. The museum is a little persnickety about photography, insisting U2 At The Sphere Feb 18, 2024 Out and About & Color I was extremely doubtful that any concert experience at the ticket prices for U2 at the Sphere could be worth it. I was wrong, the band’s Colorful New Year Feb 10, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street I decided to revisit yesterdays photos and select some that work well in color. I went for a bit of a film look and not overly saturated colors Happy Lunar New Year! Feb 9, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street A quick trip to Chinatown this afternoon in celebration of Lunar New Year. All of the shops and restaurants were busy with people stocking up for Glimpses of Infrastructure Feb 3, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I’ve been ill with a bad cold (or some other nasty virus) for the past few days so I was happy I felt well enough this afternoon to go for a walk Rain Respite Jan 30, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes & Coasting A weeklong stretch of rain was briefly interupted today. The sky still threatened rain but it held off. The late afternoon was complimented by warm Dunbar Snow Scenes Jan 19, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes Yesterday, while I was on my way to Pacific Spirit Park I also made some photographs around the neighborhood. The blanket of white snow, dark wet Pacific Spirit Snow Jan 18, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes I’m not much of a winter person, despite growing up on the prairies. It’s mostly the cold and the short days that I’m not fond of. A big dump of Cold Kits Jan 13, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes A sunny and clear, but very cold (for Vancouver), afternoon made for a fun outing this afternoon at Kits Beach! Leica SL2 and Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art Holiday Season Starts With A Beach Walk Dec 23, 2023 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes This week marked the offical start of Winter and for our family, like many, this weekend is the start of the holiday season. The holidays always Clarity In The Fog Nov 26, 2023 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes I love photographing in the fog. Fog strips away the extraneous and can reveal as much as it obscures. Here are some shots from this morning around Epic Nov 18, 2023 Out and About & Monochrome Every now and then schedules align and you end up in the fortunate position of being able to spend time with a great friend and his great dog. Kits Beach, Monochromes Nov 16, 2023 Out and About & 'Scapes & Monochrome Some black & white photos around Kits Beach this evening. A few color versions here as well! Leica SL2 & Zeiss 35mm Biogon Kits Beach, Late Afternoon Nov 16, 2023 Out and About & 'Scapes & Color Leica SL2 & Zeiss 35mm Biogon Night Light Nov 14, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About The days are getting shorter especially after the recent clock change but I decided to not let that stop me from getting out with a camera this Stat Beach Walk Nov 13, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes Today was the Stat holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day falling on the weekend. I took advantage of the day off to enjoy a walk at Spanish Banks. Ad Hoc Morning Appointment Oct 30, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes I had a rare weekday morning without any appointments on my calendar. After a cafe stop for morning caffeine while doing some weekly planning, I Dunbar Trick or Treat Oct 28, 2023 Color & Out and About & The Street Haloween came early to Dunbar today with the annual Trick or Treat event in Dunbar village! Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon ZM lens Jericho Golden Hour Oct 11, 2023 Color & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting Some lovely fall colors and beach scenery before sunset made for great subject matter this evening at Jericho & Locarno Beaches. Leica SL2 & Sigma Seawall Sunday Morning Oct 8, 2023 Color & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting It was an absolutely gorgeous autumn morning to walk the seawall at Stanley Park. I probably shoud have edited this colection down a bit more but I When September Ends Sep 30, 2023 Color & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting A sunset walk along the beach at Spanish Banks seems like a very good way to mark the end of September! Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm f2 C Sonnar lens Overcast Jericho Morning Sep 28, 2023 Color & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting I was out for a walk this morning with a camera and lens that both haven’t had much love from me lately. The 2015 Fujifilm XT-2 is still a great Saturday Morning, Whistler Village Sep 25, 2023 Color & Out and About & The Street We were up in Whister this past weekend to attend a friends birthday party. It was a short and busy trip but I found a bit of time for a photo walk Sidney Pier Sep 18, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting I found myself with an hour or so before my ferry back to Vancouver this morning. My first thought was to stop for a coffee but I was already End of Summer Getaway Sep 17, 2023 Color & Out and About Christine and I split a weekend away between a scenic resort in Malahat and downtown Victoria. Perfect weather & views along with great food made Sunday Street Scenes Sep 17, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & The Street I got a lot of steps in on Sunday as my wife and I were exploring Victoria. I got a good number of snaps in as well. Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 Ferry Terminal Sep 11, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About A few shots while wating to pick up my daughter at the ferry terminal. Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon lens 9 to 5 Sailings May 28, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome I was in Victoria for the day on Wednesday for both work and fun. The fun started with the 9AM sailing to Victoria. The weather was perfect and 30 Minutes In Chinatown May 19, 2023 The Street & Out and About & Monochrome After delivering a kid to an appointment yesterday morning I had a bit of time on my hands. Rather than sit in my car and doom scroll I took the Granville Street Morning May 17, 2023 The Street & Out and About & Monochrome I was downtown yesterday morning with a little bit of time on my hands before a day of meetings. After fueling up with an Americano Misto I strolled Busy Couple of Weeks May 11, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome Updates to this site have been absent for the past couple of weeks as life gets in the way. A bit of travel, work, busy family have all contributed April Beach Weather Apr 29, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome The last Saturday in April felt more like a Saturday in July. Christine and I hung out for a while at Jericho beach to enjoy the summer-like A Stroll Around Dunbar & QE Annex Apr 26, 2023 Everyday & Out and About & Color After a busy couple of days it was nice to get out for a walk in the neighborhood after dinner. I found myself back at the QE Annex school. There is The Lens At Hand Apr 14, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes I had an errand to run this evening and grabbed the first camera within reach just before I headed out the door. The camera is the wonderful little Cambie Street Bridge, Monochrome Edition Apr 13, 2023 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street & 'Scapes A series of black and white edits from my Cambie Bridge photos from the other day. I always find it interesting how removing color, adjusting Spring Evening, Cambie Street Bridge Apr 12, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street & 'Scapes A series of photos from around and on the Cambie Street Bridge yesterday evening. It was a nice spring evening with some warm light to paint the Wet Weekend Apr 10, 2023 Everyday & Out and About & Color According to the weather forcast we made out better than planned. Regardless it was an April Showers kind of weekend. Most of these photos are with Alleyway Intrigue Apr 4, 2023 Everyday & Out and About & Color I needed a change of scenery this afternoon without going too far. I’ve been stuck inside with a nasty head cold for several days. Feeling Locarno Beach With Reach Mar 22, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes I took advantage of another lovely spring evening and headed out to Locarno Beach. I brought my Fujifilm X-T2 and the 70-300mm telephoto zoom. I South Granville Springtime Mar 18, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street The last time I hung out on South Granville was almost a year ago with my Leica M8. Wife and daughter were shopping so I tagged along with the M8’s Signs of Spring in Kits Mar 15, 2023 Out and About & Color & 'Scapes It was simply a gorgeous afternoon. Sunny and warm with spring in the air. A perfect day for a late afternoon stroll around kits beach, the dog Mikkelene Aground Mar 15, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Color Another beached sailboat, this time on Kits Beach. If running aground wasn’t enough of an indignity, the boat has been covered in Graffiti Afternoon in Yaletown Mar 2, 2023 Out and About & Color Christine and I took advantage of the sunny post-snow afternoon last Sunday and headed down to Yaletown for some lunch and a walk. Overall, a good Sunday Snowday Feb 26, 2023 Out and About & Color Vancouver had a decent amount of snow last night which was made much easier to take by the sunny and (relatively) warm morning that followed! Bayswater Feb 20, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Color At the north end of Bayswater Street in Point Grey are some steps down to a rocky little beach. I don’t go there often but it’s one of my favorite Ricoh GR3x First Outing Feb 20, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street While I was out of town this week a package arrived with a like-new, pre-owned, Ricoh GR3x Urban Edition camera. The GR3x is almost identical the Victoria Business Feb 18, 2023 Out and About & Color I was in Victoria on business for a few days this week and of course brought a camera or two along! Leica CL with TTArtisan 35mm f1.4 & Ricoh GR3 A Kitsilano February Sunday Feb 12, 2023 Everyday & Out and About & Color The threat of rain doesn’t stop a true Vancouverite from getting outside. Especially in February as that would result in some serious cabin fever. Dunbar Highbury Loop Feb 7, 2023 Everyday & Out and About & Color The rain stopped and the clouds parted for a brief period this afternoon. I took advantage and headed for a walk down Dunbar for 15 blocks or so and 1999 NYC With An Olympus XA Feb 4, 2023 Recollection & Rediscovered & Out and About & Color My first trip to New York was in August of 1999. It was a quick business trip but I had a good part of a weekend to do some sightseeing. I brought Friday Morning Monochromes Jan 27, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting Some Friday evening monochrome edits of this morning’s outing. Leica M10 & Voigtlander 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar & Ricoh GR3 Friday Morning Beach Break Jan 27, 2023 Coasting & Color & Out and About & 'Scapes Some good weather and a break in my schedule this morning gave me the motivation to get out for a walk. The break from both the wet and grey weather Photo Beachcombing Jan 6, 2023 Coasting & Color & Out and About I ended up with a break in my schedule this afternoon and headed to the beach for a walk (and to try out my new hiking shoes). It was warm but Go To Market Jan 2, 2023 Color & Out and About A few photos from the last morning of 2022 at Granville Island, near the public market. FujiFilm XT-2 & Fujinon 23mm f2 Coal Harbour Morning Dec 28, 2022 Color & Out and About I was out for a walk along the sea wall in Coal Harbor this morning. It was overcast but warm for December, or at least warmer than it’s been Winter Wonderland Dec 21, 2022 Color & Out and About I had 45 minutes this afternoon between meetings to get out in the neighborhood and enjoy the chilly fresh air, sun and snow. It’s rare for Mid-Dec Late-Aft Dec 14, 2022 Out and About & Color A mid-December late-afternoon stroll by the water. Leica CL & TTArtisan 50mm f1.2 lens Full Circle Dec 8, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color I’m not sure what happened that resulted in this boat’s grounding on Jericho beach. It looks like it was placed there somewhat carefully and seems Misty Morning Nov 16, 2022 Out and About & Color & 'Scapes We are into foggy morning season here in Vancouver. Today was the second or third morning in a row with a (light) blanket of fog. It was a chance to Solar Charging Nov 1, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color Sometimes an hour in the sun is all it takes to recharge your batteries. Jericho Beach this afternoon between 4 and 5 PM. Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon A Walk In The Rain Oct 30, 2022 Coasting & Everyday & Out and About & Color Here in Vancouver, we had been spoiled by dry and sunny weather for the first month or so of Autumn. Things are back to normal now as the rains have QE Courts Oct 26, 2022 Out and About & Color I was out for a walk this morning and chose to mix it up with a new destination. I headed up to Queen Elizabeth Park and after walking around for a Camosun Bog? Oct 13, 2022 Out and About & Color The work week after a long weekend always seems extra busy. One less day to get the same amount of work done or so it seems. There was a natural Thanksgiving at the Beach Oct 10, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color We had our feast earlier this weekend so I took advantage of the continued warm weather for a walk at Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach this evening. Getaway Cut Short Oct 2, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color Christine and I booked this past week off for some much-needed downtime. We decided that rather than get on a plane we would take advantage of the Olympic Village Afternoon Sep 18, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About Christine and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the late summer afternoon in Olympic Village. We walked around the village but most of that time we Last Summer Saturday Sep 17, 2022 Coasting & Monochrome & Out and About Today was a little cooler, cloudier and windier than we’ve been used to all summer. Autumn is definitely on the way. Still, it was a nice day to be Summer Haze, Color Edition Sep 12, 2022 Coasting & Color & Out and About A few color versions from yesterday’s Summer Haze photos. The smoke today has let up a little bit! Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon 23mm f2 R WR lens Summer Haze Sep 12, 2022 Coasting & Monochrome & Out and About Smoke from forest fires rolled into Vancouver over the weekend bringing poor air quality and smoky haze with it. So far this summer, we have been Pleasant Evening Sep 9, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About & The Street Some photos from a 20-minute walk in Mt. Pleasant between Main & Quebec and 5th & 8th Ave. My GR3 is out for a sensor cleaning so I pressed its Vancouver Seawall Aug 27, 2022 Coasting & Monochrome & Out and About A warm but blustery late August morning on the seawall at Coal Harbour and Stanley Park. Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm f1.5 ZM Sonnar Perspectives Aug 22, 2022 Coasting & Color & Out and About I often find spending some quiet time at a favourite viewpoint can be helpful in clarifying my perspective. Other times it’s just nice to be outside A B&W BC Day Aug 1, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes Some black and white versions of photos from this morning. Leica M10 & Voigtlander 35mm f2.5 Color Skopar A British Columbia Day Aug 1, 2022 Coasting & Color & Out and About & 'Scapes It’s the BC Day stat holiday here in British Columbia, also known as the “Civic Holiday”, most provinces observe a day off on the first Monday of Out Early To Beat The Heat Jul 27, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes Vancouver is going through one of it’s rare hot spells. Today is forcast to reach 29°C which is well past the melting point for most Vancouverites. Saturday Seaside Scenes Jul 23, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes I was out for a short drive this morning before heading to Spanish Banks to take some low tide photos. The first two photos here are from the Golden Half Hour Jul 20, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color A 30 minute walk on a perfect summer evening. Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm Sonnar 48 Morning Minutes Jul 19, 2022 Out and About & Color Today was full of back-to-back meetings. I knew I wouldn’t get much of a break during the day and often at the end of the day I find it hard to drag Cruising Jul 14, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome When I was downtown on Sunday I wandered down to the crusie ship terminal. It felt a lot like pre pandemic summer as there were three enormous Sunday Street Snapshots Jul 10, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street I tagged along on a mother-daughter shopping trip downtown this afternoon. The weather was nice and the streets were busy. A good day for some Shades of Mount Pleasant Jul 3, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street Being partially color blind makes me wonder how others percieve color and what attracts them to an image. My particular flavor of color blindness is An Hour in Mount Pleasant Jul 2, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street Christine had an appointment in Mount Pleasant this afternoon so I tagged along and spent an hour exploring the streets east of Main and north of Viewfinder Time Jun 30, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes It’s been a busy couple of weeks where I’ve spent a lot of time in chairs in front of screens. When I get busy I often have trouble making time to Grey Morning, Grey Photos Jun 21, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes I was up early and down at the beach by 6:30AM for a walk before starting a busy work day. I’ve been shooting a lot with my X-T2 & 70-300 telephoto Marine Morning, Monochrome Jun 18, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome After posting color photos from this morning, I had a second pass throught the files and processed some of the photos as black and white’s. There Rainy Marine Morning Jun 18, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color Saturday morning around the Burrard Civic Marina Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujinon XF 70-300mm R LM OIS WR Mountain Light Jun 15, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes I was in Whistler last weekend on a long overdue company retreat with our team. It was a busy (& fun) weekend but I did have some time for a couple Kitesurfer Jun 13, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color It was a windy morning with waves breaking in English Bay. I imagine these were good conditions for this Kitesurfer to be up early. They certainly Forest Morning Jun 7, 2022 Out and About & Color My go to for walks and photo outings is most often the seaside but we are even closer to the forests of Pacific Spirit Park. The trail head into the Cloudy Kitsilano Jun 6, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color The rain held off and it turned out to be a nice afternoon for a late lunch and a walk with my wife along Kits Beach and Kits Point. While at the Beachcomber May 30, 2022 Coasting & Sets & Out and About & Color A set from yesterdays outing. I’m not exactly sure what he was looking for out there but I came across him several times as I walked back and forth Mid Afternoon Low Tide May 29, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes After visiting the UBC Botanical Gardens, I headed over to Spanish Banks to continue enjoying the sunny Sunday afternoon. I seem to have good luck UBC Botanial Garden May 29, 2022 Out and About & Color I made the short trip out to UBC this afternon to check out the UBC Botanical Garden and the Greenheart TreeWalk. Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm Sonnar Evening Camosun Loop May 25, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes A walk this evening heading west on King Edward, on the short trail past the Camosun Substation and back around to Camosun Steet and home. Leica CL Golden Hour, Spanish Banks May 21, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes A beautiful evening for a golden hour walk and some photos at Spanish Banks. I wanted a bit of reach and compression so I brought the longest lens I Rain City Saturday May 14, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes It was a rainy Saturday morning but that didn’t stop me from getting out for a walk in Point Grey & Jericho Beach. I took the tiny and weather Quick Trip Downtown May 11, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street I had a couple of errands to run today downtown at lunch. I took a little bit of extra time to capture some street scenes. I also realized today Some M8 Monochromes May 9, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I mentioned yesterday that I especially like the black & white images that the Leica M8 produces. Here are a few of yesterdays photos from the black M8 on South Granville May 8, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street & Rediscovered The M8 was Leica’s first digital rangefinder, released in the fall of 2006. I aquired mine used in the spring of 2010 and fell in love with the Maria on the Sea May 7, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes This ship is the Glovis Maria. One of about 9 ships a day or more than 3,000 a year that call into the Port of Vancouver. She looks well worn Once Trees, Now Debris May 6, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes What look to be a raft of a hundred or so scrap logs appear to have washed up on Jericho Beach. I’m sure they will be removed but it peaked my Staycation May 4, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes I made a last minute decision to take some vacation time last week. A small lull in my work schedule made the timing seem right. I had no real plans Arbutus Ridge Alleys & Side Streets Apr 26, 2022 Everyday & Color & Out and About A quick walk this afternoon around Arbutus Ridge. I’m finding alleys interesting lately! Fuji X-T2 w Fujinon 18-55mm 8 AM Sailing Apr 24, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon XF 18-55 lens A Good Friday Apr 15, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes The rain and clouds cleared this afternoon and made way for a a nice spring evening at Jericho Beach. Leica M10 & 50mm Zeiss Sonnar f1.5 Spring in Kits Apr 2, 2022 Out and About & Color I had some time on my hands this morning while waiting for the local tire shop to complete the seasonal swap out. I took advantage of the warm Just Go For A Walk Mar 23, 2022 Out and About & Color & Everyday It was a busy day and I was at my desk for all of it with back-to-back client and team meetings. A productive day but a little exhausting. The last Last Day of Winter Mar 19, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color Spring arrived a day early here in Vancouver. A great day for a long walk and a lot of people had the same idea. Cherry blossoms have started to More March Market Mar 13, 2022 Out and About & Color It’s the first day of Daylight Savings time (hopefully for the last time!) and we were back at Granville Island this afternoon for a stroll through It’s a Colorful Neighborhood Mar 9, 2022 Out and About & Color & Everyday I was at our office today in the Mount Pleasant district of Vancouver. I’m trying to go in once or twice a week and it’s been a welcome change of GI and TT Mar 6, 2022 Out and About & Color & Experiments Today was a gorgeous day to hang out at Granville Island with my wife for a while this afternoon. It was also a good opportunity to try out the Outer Deck Mar 3, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome I was in Victoria for the past 2 days and came back to Vancouver on the 1:00 PM sailing. The weather was pretty nice so I left the comfort of my car Museum Watching Feb 24, 2022 Recollection & Out and About & Monochrome Recently I came across an article on the Magnum Photos website about the famous photographer Elliot Erwitt and his photographs of people looking at Main Street Moments Feb 21, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I tagged along on my wife and daughter’s shopping trip to Main Street yesterday afternoon. A lot of people were out and about enjoying their Sunday April in February Feb 12, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street So far February has had an unusualy number of warm and sunny days. Today was no exception. It was great weather for a walk down to Broadway to Sun Day Feb 6, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color A few photos from this morning while out on a walk with a good friend. In my experience great friendships are a lot like sunny February mornings. Departure From Gray Jan 31, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color January has been pretty gray and wet so it was a welcome change to end the month and lift my mood with a sunny day. Perfect weather for a walk along Fog Walk Jan 16, 2022 Everyday & Out and About & Color Max and I went for a walk in the pea-soup-thick fog this morning. Sophie slept in, the old girl prefers very short walks these days! Ricoh GR3 False Creek Morning Jan 15, 2022 Everyday & Out and About & Monochrome A nice morning walk around False Creek with the Leica CL & Sigma 45mm DC DN 2.8 lens Jericho Snow Jan 1, 2022 Coasting & Out and About & Color & 'Scapes About twice a decade we get a substantial amout of snow in Vancouver that sticks around for more than a day or two. There were quite a few people YEG -34°C Dec 27, 2021 Out and About Terminal Avenue Dec 8, 2021 Out and About & Color & 'Scapes A few photos walking over to pick up my car from it’s annual check up. Leica CL & 18mm Elmarit I like the early golden-hour Arbutus St. Dec 4, 2021 Out and About & Everyday & The Street & Monochrome Was time to get the Winter tires installed so I had some time to kill this morning after I dropped the car off. I walked down to the beach, and was Tree Lot Dec 4, 2021 Out and About & Color & The Street It’s that time of year again when Christmas Tree lots spring up. If the weather forcast is to be believed there may even be some snow to complete Sunny Day in Shades of Grey Dec 3, 2021 Everyday & Out and About & Monochrome Some black and white versions of photos from today. Some of these have color version in my Rain Streak Broken post. Leica CL and 18mm Elmarit Rain Streak Broken Dec 3, 2021 Out and About & Everyday & Color We actually had some sunshine today after a pretty long stretch of grey, rainy days. I found a bit of time this afternoon to get out for a walk in Around the Block Nov 16, 2021 Out and About & Everyday & Color Today was the first day without rain (and a lot of it) in a while. Despite a busy day and an increasing scarcity of daylight hours I stole away for More Market Nov 14, 2021 Out and About & Everyday & Monochrome In addition the star ornament photos I took at Granville Island on Remembrance Day, here are some additional photos from around the market. Ricoh GR3 Star of the Season Nov 14, 2021 Out and About & Monochrome I was at the Granville Island Public Market on Remembrance Day to take advantage of the day off to combine some produce shopping with a short photo Vintage Broadway Nov 7, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Color Part two of my outing yesterday was along West Broadway. The weather had taken a turn for the worse but I had walked from home so didn’t really have Nothing Gold Can Stay Nov 7, 2021 Out and About & Color & Everyday We are at the point in autumn where there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees. I was out for a walk yesterday through the neighborhood Kits Diptychs Nov 3, 2021 Sets & Out and About & Everyday & Monochrome Some photo sets from my outing at Kits Beach at dusk on Sunday Leica M10 & 35mm Zeiss Biogon f2 Zombies in Paradise Nov 1, 2021 Coasting & Out and About & Everyday & 'Scapes & Monochrome I was out for a walk at Kits Beach around dusk yesterday. I wish I could say I went with a subject or project in mind but I was mostly just out for Time Moves On Oct 23, 2021 'Scapes & Out and About & Monochrome & Coasting I’m constantly drawn back to this little stretch of Vancouver shoreline. Often I think I should be more adventurous and return less often to this Southern Gulf Islands Sep 24, 2021 'Scapes & Out and About & Monochrome Some photos of the southern gulf islands shot from the Victoria to Vancouver ferry this afternoon. I shot these in color and they looked nice enough Balaclava Park Sep 19, 2021 Everyday & Out and About & Monochrome It was overcast this afternoon and threatening to drizzle. I made it out for a walk with my Ricoh GR3 and took a few photos around Balaclava park. Empressed Sep 11, 2021 Out and About & 'Scapes & Monochrome When we were in Victoria last weekend we stayed close to the harbor and managed a few walks in and around the Empress Hotel including a trip to Victoria Morning Distraction Sep 8, 2021 Out and About & The Street & 'Scapes & Monochrome I haven’t posted in a while. Sometimes life gets in the way of art (or at least recreation)! The past few weeks have been busy with work and back to Missed the Market Aug 16, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Everyday & Monochrome I was at Granville Island on Sunday morning for a walk and a coffee and thought I would spend some time in the Public Market and take some photos. Seaplane Terminal Aug 14, 2021 Coasting & Out and About & Color People and plane watching this morning at the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre seaplane terminal. Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR lens Harbour Haze Aug 14, 2021 Out and About & 'Scapes & Color The air quality is very low right now here in Vancouver with smoke from forest fires that rolled in yesterday. The smoke seemed to dissipate quite a Kitsilano Seaside Scenes Aug 11, 2021 Out and About & 'Scapes & Color This mornings outing was around Kits Beach, I guess the theme, if there is one, is seaside scenes. Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR with Yaletown at 75 …mm …equivalent Aug 10, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Experiments & Monochrome Some quick street test shots with the Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR lens on the streets of Yaletown this afternoon. This is a nice compact lens with a Clouds & Classic Chrome Aug 9, 2021 Out and About & Color & 'Scapes It was an overcast morning but the sun was proving some nice warm light and some soft color to the clouds. I left the rangefinders at home this Under Construction Aug 5, 2021 Out and About & Color & Everyday Often when I decide to do some photography I get stopped by my own indecision. “Where can I go that’s interesting?” is the thought that often stops Color + Geometry Aug 2, 2021 Out and About & Color I was up early and headed to Granville Island this morning. Before the market opens it’s pretty quiet there. A good opportunity to look for some Overcast in Yaletown Aug 1, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Everyday & Monochrome My wife and I were out for a walk this afternoon in Yaletown. It was overcast and a bit hazy which kept it a bit cooler but it also resulted in Strathcona Farmer’s Market Jul 27, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Experiments & Monochrome I was in Edmonton this past weekend with my daughters visiting my Mom, Sister & Nieces. It was a quick weekend trip but we managed a trip to the Jericho Sonnar Jul 17, 2021 Out and About & Color Yesterday a package arrived from Japan with a like-new 50mm f1.5 Zeiss Sonnar lens. The Sonnar is a classic lens design that is almost 100 years Black and White Stamps Jul 15, 2021 Coasting & Out and About & Everyday & Monochrome This mornings’ outing was around Stamps Landing, west of the Cambie street bridge. Some nice early morning light! Leica M10 & Voigtlander 75mm Color Lots to Work With Jul 14, 2021 Coasting & 'Scapes & Color & Out and About Back for a walk at Kits Beach this morning and headed west toward the Marine Museum and the small beach there that is apparently known as Teatotaler Kits Beach 07:30 Jul 13, 2021 Everyday & Color & Out and About I was in a color photography mood again this morning. Must be the great summer weather coaxing me out of my Black and White comfort zone! These Serendipitous Flubs Jul 13, 2021 Moments & Out and About & Experiments & Color I wish I could say these photos were intentional motion blur shots. I was capturing passing moments on a walk and moved from bright sunlight into Stride Jul 12, 2021 Moments & Out and About & Experiments & Monochrome These two photos were taken a couple of minutes apart and I think they sort of work as a pair. Leica M10 & 35mm Zeiss Biogon f2 Jericho Summer Morning Jul 6, 2021 Coasting & Color & Out and About & 'Scapes It felt like a good morning for some color photos in the early morning summer light. I never get tired of these views. Leica M10 & 75mm Color Heliar Lost Lake Jul 3, 2021 Out and About & Monochrome Short hike to Lost Lake this morning. All photos from iPhone X, edited and posted from iPhone as well Lift Line Jul 1, 2021 Out and About & Monochrome Photos from this morning in and around the lift line taking mountain bikers up Whistler. Ricoh GR3 2016 White Rock Pier May 28, 2021 Recollection & Out and About & The Street & 'Scapes & Monochrome & Coasting A collection of photos from a visit to the White Rock Pier on a nice spring day in March 2016. The pier was severley damaged during a windstorm in High Up Hut May 23, 2021 'Scapes & Out and About & Monochrome I’m not sure if this is a sculpture or an art installation, either way I think it’s pretty cool. It’s called High Up Hut and it’s in False Creek