Coal Harbour Morning

I was out for a walk along the sea wall in Coal Harbor this morning. It was overcast but warm for December, or at least warmer than it’s been recently. I also appreciated the break from the rain. There seeemed to be relatively few people out even for a weekday morning. Perhaps many of those that are not working this week opted to sleep in.

Ricoh GR 3

Urban DovesUrban Doves

Coffee RunCoffee Run


Gate 2Gate 2

Mirrored ManitouMirrored Manitou


No Party This MorningNo Party This Morning

91 to LIFT91 to LIFT

If Dogs Could ShrugIf Dogs Could Shrug


Bench TimeBench Time

Divided Attention StrollDivided Attention Stroll

Concrete, Grass & SteelConcrete, Grass & Steel

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