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Peaks to Prairie Mar 9, 2024 Window Seat & Color A few window seat photos from my flight to Edmonton. I had a great view of the Devon Bridge over the North Saskatchewan river on our approach into Nevada Cloudscapes Feb 21, 2024 Monochrome & 'Scapes & Window Seat Beautiful clouds over Nevada (and maybe Oregon?) on the way home from Las Vegas. A perfect end to a fun few days! iPhone 15 Pro & Ricoh GR3 Aerial Vistas Aug 15, 2022 Window Seat & Monochrome & 'Scapes Some black and white vistas from my flights to and from Edmonton this week. I never get tired of the window seat flying over the Rocky Mountains. Window Seat ’Scapes Apr 11, 2022 Window Seat & Monochrome & 'Scapes I love watching the scenery from a window seat on a flight. Here are some black and white photos from the window seat on yesterday’s flight from Ascent Apr 8, 2022 Window Seat & Monochrome & 'Scapes Christine and I are on our way to Edmonton to visit with my Mom, sister and visiting family. Our 10am flight took off on the west runway proving a Homecoming Nov 28, 2021 Window Seat & Monochrome Few photos from my trip home from snowy Edmonton to rainy Vancouver. iPhone 13 Pro More Rockies Nov 19, 2021 Window Seat & 'Scapes & Color Most recent flight to Edmonton had the Rocky Mountains with considerably more snow than even a month ago. Photos with iPhone 13 Pro and some vintage Gulf Islands of Two Novembers Past Nov 4, 2021 Window Seat & 'Scapes & Recollection & Monochrome & Coasting It’s been almost 2 years since I was on a seaplane travelling a couple times a month between Vancouver and Victoria. I miss those flights, Window Seat Jul 25, 2021 Window Seat & 'Scapes & Color I flew back from Edmonton to Vancouver this afternoon. It was a lovely day over the Rocky Mountains and we seemed to be cruising at a fairly low