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Snow Birds Dec 18, 2022 Color & Moments We were visited by a flock of Robins today along with a decent snowfall. I’ve never seen so many Robins together. Apparently, they are more solitary Grooming Day Mar 24, 2022 Doggos & Everyday & Monochrome & Moments The pups were long overdue for haircuts due to some minor health issues. Both of them are really not fond of grooming day so I’m sure they were Set Theory Jul 18, 2021 Sets & Experiments & Moments & Monochrome I’m increasingly interested in photos sets, images that that “go together” in some way to tell a story or present some common theme. Sets of 2 or 3 Skinny Dipping ? Jul 17, 2021 Moments & Color I often come across unattended or forgotten articles of clothing along the beach. I hate losing and misplacing things so these always draw my Serendipitous Flubs Jul 13, 2021 Moments & Out and About & Experiments & Color I wish I could say these photos were intentional motion blur shots. I was capturing passing moments on a walk and moved from bright sunlight into Stride Jul 12, 2021 Moments & Out and About & Experiments & Monochrome These two photos were taken a couple of minutes apart and I think they sort of work as a pair. Leica M10 & 35mm Zeiss Biogon f2 Summer Haze Jun 28, 2021 Everyday & Moments & Color & 'Scapes Evening walk along Jericho Beach in the haze from the hottest day of the year so far! Ricoh GRiii Rough Week Jun 27, 2021 Moments & Everyday & Monochrome & Doggos Max had a rough week. The old boy was suffering from muscle spasms. Best hypothesis is that he threw his back out jumping off our bed. A trip to Small Crows Only Jun 5, 2021 Moments I have an 18 year old kid - happy birthday coco May 15, 2021 Moments Max Eyes Apr 29, 2021 Moments & Doggos Bed Head Apr 26, 2021 Moments