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Garden Noir Aug 12, 2021 Up Close & Experiments I was doing some test maco shots in the garden the other day. I didn’t really find any of the photos compelling in color, nor converted to Dahlia Dreams Jun 26, 2021 Up Close & Experiments & Monochrome One of the photos I took yesterday inspired me to go back into the garden and spend some more time photographing the Dhalias. The first photo was Garden Up Close & Monochrome Jun 25, 2021 Up Close & Monochrome Too lazy to go for a proper walk last evening but I did take some macro images from the patio garden. Here they are in monochrome Hand-held Fujifilm Possible Light Rain… Jun 13, 2021 Up Close & Monochrome … was the forcast as I headed ouf for a walk this morning. It was definitely more than just a possibility. A flew flora + rain closeups from this Spring Garden in Monochrome May 18, 2021 Everyday & Monochrome & Up Close A few quick photos this evening in the patio garden. These photos look great in color but I also like them in monochrome with a few tweaks to make