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Autumn Garden A few close ups and experiments from the patio garden. Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR Sep 20, 2022 Monochrome & Up Close & Experiments
Autumn Garden Sep 20, 2022 Monochrome & Up Close & Experiments A few close ups and experiments from the patio garden. Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR Olympic Village Afternoon Sep 18, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About Christine and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the late summer afternoon in Olympic Village. We walked around the village but most of that time we Last Summer Saturday Sep 17, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About Today was a little cooler, cloudier and windier than we’ve been used to all summer. Autumn is definitely on the way. Still, it was a nice day to be Summer Haze, Color Edition Sep 12, 2022 Color & Out and About A few color versions from yesterday’s Summer Haze photos. The smoke today has let up a little bit! Fujifilm X-T2 & Fujinon 23mm f2 R WR lens Summer Haze Sep 12, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About Smoke from forest fires rolled into Vancouver over the weekend bringing poor air quality and smoky haze with it. So far this summer, we have been Pleasant Evening Sep 9, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About & The Street Some photos from a 20-minute walk in Mt. Pleasant between Main & Quebec and 5th & 8th Ave. My GR3 is out for a sensor cleaning so I pressed its Vancouver Seawall Aug 27, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About A warm but blustery late August morning on the seawall at Coal Harbour and Stanley Park. Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm f1.5 ZM Sonnar Perspectives Aug 22, 2022 Color & Out and About I often find spending some quiet time at a favourite viewpoint can be helpful in clarifying my perspective. Other times it’s just nice to be outside Main Alley Aug 18, 2022 Color & Experiments & Everyday A few quick iPhone photos from this morning (again in the XPan ratio). The colors and light caught my eye while cutting through a colourful alley 2022-08-16 06:40, Dunbar Aug 16, 2022 Color & Everyday Out for an early walk this morning around the neighbourhood. I’m really enjoying the tiny Voigtlander 35mm f2.5 Color Skopar as a walk-around lens! Aerial Vistas Aug 15, 2022 Monochrome & 'Scapes Some black and white vistas from my flights to and from Edmonton this week. I never get tired of the window seat flying over the Rocky Mountains. XPan Aspect Ratio Aug 1, 2022 Color & Experiments I was watching a YouTube video today about the Hasselblad XPan. The XPan is a circa 1998, 35mm film camera that takes panoramic images by exposing a A B&W BC Day Aug 1, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes Some black and white versions of photos from this morning. Leica M10 & Voigtlander 35mm f2.5 Color Skopar A British Columbia Day Aug 1, 2022 Color & Out and About & 'Scapes It’s the BC Day stat holiday here in British Columbia, also known as the “Civic Holiday”, most provinces observe a day off on the first Monday of Dunbar Morning Light Jul 28, 2022 Color & Everyday A warm morning with warm light! Leica M10 & Voigtlander 35mm f2.5 Color Skopar Out Early To Beat The Heat Jul 27, 2022 Out and About & Color & 'Scapes Vancouver is going through one of it’s rare hot spells. Today is forcast to reach 29°C which is well past the melting point for most Vancouverites. Saturday Seaside Scenes Jul 23, 2022 Out and About & Color & 'Scapes I was out for a short drive this morning before heading to Spanish Banks to take some low tide photos. The first two photos here are from the Golden Half Hour Jul 20, 2022 Out and About & Color A 30 minute walk on a perfect summer evening. Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm Sonnar 48 Morning Minutes Jul 19, 2022 Out and About & Color Today was full of back-to-back meetings. I knew I wouldn’t get much of a break during the day and often at the end of the day I find it hard to drag Cruising Jul 14, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome When I was downtown on Sunday I wandered down to the crusie ship terminal. It felt a lot like pre pandemic summer as there were three enormous
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