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Sidney Pier I found myself with an hour or so before my ferry back to Vancouver this morning. My first thought was to stop for a coffee but I was already Sep 18, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting
Sidney Pier Sep 18, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & 'Scapes & Coasting I found myself with an hour or so before my ferry back to Vancouver this morning. My first thought was to stop for a coffee but I was already End of Summer Getaway Sep 17, 2023 Color & Out and About Christine and I split a weekend away between a scenic resort in Malahat and downtown Victoria. Perfect weather & views along with great food made Sunday Street Scenes Sep 17, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & The Street I got a lot of steps in on Sunday as my wife and I were exploring Victoria. I got a good number of snaps in as well. Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 Ferry Terminal Sep 11, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About A few shots while wating to pick up my daughter at the ferry terminal. Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon lens Wide But Not Far Jul 16, 2023 Monochrome & Everyday In 2008 when I got my Leica M8 I wanted a 28mm equivalent lens. On the M8’s 1.33 crop sensor that required a 21mm lens so I picked up a used An Ordinary Evening Jul 10, 2023 Color & Everyday A few snaps from a walk around the neighborhood this evening. Absolutely nothing extraordinary, just the ordinary things I noticed! Leica M10 & Recent Phone Favorites Jun 30, 2023 Color & Monochrome & Recollection I posted around this time last year how I prefer “real” cameras to my phone. I still manage to get images I like from my phone. Sometimes it’s the Iona Jetty, Color Selects Jun 4, 2023 Coasting & 'Scapes & Color A few selected photos from today in color rather than black & white. Leica SL2 & Sigma 45mm f2.8 Iona Jetty Monochromes Jun 4, 2023 Coasting & 'Scapes & Monochrome Last July I took a few photos of the Iona Jetty in the distance from the Marine Drive viewpoint. In the 1990s the land around the jetty was turned A Complicated Relationship May 28, 2023 Sets & Coasting & Monochrome & Color Everyone has some complicated relationships in their life. My relationship with color is complicated. I love color but I also love it’s absence. I’m 9 to 5 Sailings May 28, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome I was in Victoria for the day on Wednesday for both work and fun. The fun started with the 9AM sailing to Victoria. The weather was perfect and 30 Minutes In Chinatown May 19, 2023 The Street & Out and About & Monochrome After delivering a kid to an appointment yesterday morning I had a bit of time on my hands. Rather than sit in my car and doom scroll I took the Granville Street Morning May 17, 2023 The Street & Out and About & Monochrome I was downtown yesterday morning with a little bit of time on my hands before a day of meetings. After fueling up with an Americano Misto I strolled Busy Couple of Weeks May 11, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome Updates to this site have been absent for the past couple of weeks as life gets in the way. A bit of travel, work, busy family have all contributed April Beach Weather Apr 29, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome The last Saturday in April felt more like a Saturday in July. Christine and I hung out for a while at Jericho beach to enjoy the summer-like A Stroll Around Dunbar & QE Annex Apr 26, 2023 Everyday & Out and About & Color After a busy couple of days it was nice to get out for a walk in the neighborhood after dinner. I found myself back at the QE Annex school. There is Errands on Broadway Apr 17, 2023 Everyday & Monochrome & The Street Christine and I had some errands to run and shopping to do on West Broadway this past Sunday. Everyday moments that give life texture and that I The Lens At Hand Apr 14, 2023 Coasting & Out and About & Monochrome & 'Scapes I had an errand to run this evening and grabbed the first camera within reach just before I headed out the door. The camera is the wonderful little Cambie Street Bridge, Monochrome Edition Apr 13, 2023 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street & 'Scapes A series of black and white edits from my Cambie Bridge photos from the other day. I always find it interesting how removing color, adjusting Spring Evening, Cambie Street Bridge Apr 12, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street & 'Scapes A series of photos from around and on the Cambie Street Bridge yesterday evening. It was a nice spring evening with some warm light to paint the
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