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I Love The Window Seat Mar 28, 2024 Recollection Whenever I fly, I always try to get a window seat. It’s the best way to eek out a little personal space and I love looking out the window and A Short December Dec 29, 2023 Recollection & Monochrome Realistically, I suppose, this December was the same lengh as the ones that came before it. Thirty one days (29 so far), 744 hours, even 5 full Recent Phone Favorites Jun 30, 2023 Color & Monochrome & Recollection I posted around this time last year how I prefer “real” cameras to my phone. I still manage to get images I like from my phone. Sometimes it’s the An XPan(sive) Aspect Apr 7, 2023 Color & 'Scapes & Recollection I posted last August about experimenting with the a panoramic aspect ratio that the Hasselblad Xpan (& Fujifilm TX-1) film cameras produced. It’s a 1999 NYC With An Olympus XA Feb 4, 2023 Recollection & Rediscovered & Out and About & Color My first trip to New York was in August of 1999. It was a quick business trip but I had a good part of a weekend to do some sightseeing. I brought Recent Phone Favorites Jul 7, 2022 Color & Monochrome & Recollection The cameras on modern smartphones are incredible. Camera technology, both hardware and software, has advanced to the point that it is possible to Masked Sets Mar 21, 2022 Monochrome & Sets & Recollection As the 2 year aniversary of the pandemic approached I started to look through my photo library for photos of people and thier masks. The ones Museum Watching Feb 24, 2022 Recollection & Out and About & Monochrome Recently I came across an article on the Magnum Photos website about the famous photographer Elliot Erwitt and his photographs of people looking at M8 28 Jan 18, 2022 Recollection & Color & The Street 28mm is probably my favorite focal length. When I look at my Lightroom catalog many of my favorite photos are taken with 28mm equivalent lenses. I Gulf Islands of Two Novembers Past Nov 4, 2021 Window Seat & 'Scapes & Recollection & Monochrome & Coasting It’s been almost 2 years since I was on a seaplane travelling a couple times a month between Vancouver and Victoria. I miss those flights, 2016 White Rock Pier May 28, 2021 Recollection & Out and About & The Street & 'Scapes & Monochrome & Coasting A collection of photos from a visit to the White Rock Pier on a nice spring day in March 2016. The pier was severley damaged during a windstorm in Meanwhile in 2009 May 27, 2021 Recollection & Monochrome Time flies Attracted to Danger May 24, 2021 'Scapes & Recollection & Monochrome I’m pretty much a chicken when it comes to adventure (I prefer to think of it as low risk lifestyle!). I realized yesterday that there is something (Re) Discovered May 17, 2021 The Street & Recollection & Monochrome I love when I discover photos in my catalog that I don’t have a clear memory of taking or had previously dismissed. Here are a few from Montreal in