Recent Phone Favorites

The cameras on modern smartphones are incredible. Camera technology, both hardware and software, has advanced to the point that it is possible to create stunning shots. Thanks to all of the computational wizardry baked into our phones, we can now produce images that would have been difficult or even impossible with more conventional cameras. Even with all of this magic I personally enjoy photography with a real” camera much more than my phone. I prefer the physical controls, the feel in hand and the process of using a more traditional camera. The camera is a big part of the overall experience of photography for me. There are times, however, when my phone is the only camera I have with me and even times when I do have another camera with me but the phone is better suited to the task at hand. I fully understand why for most people their phone is now the only camera they want or need. Here are some of my favorite, recent phone shots.

iPhone 13 Pro

A Few iPhone Black & Whites

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