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Dusk, Vegas Freeway Feb 19, 2024 Out and About & Color & Sets A short set of images made from the taxi taking us back to the Vegas strip after an afternoon hanging out on Freemont Street. Ricoh GR3 Shower Study Feb 6, 2024 Monochrome & Abstract & Sets Photos made and edited on iPhone 15 Pro A Complicated Relationship May 28, 2023 Sets & Coasting & Monochrome & Color Everyone has some complicated relationships in their life. My relationship with color is complicated. I love color but I also love it’s absence. I’m Beachcomber May 30, 2022 Coasting & Sets & Out and About & Color A set from yesterdays outing. I’m not exactly sure what he was looking for out there but I came across him several times as I walked back and forth Masked Sets Mar 21, 2022 Monochrome & Sets & Recollection As the 2 year aniversary of the pandemic approached I started to look through my photo library for photos of people and thier masks. The ones Kits Diptychs Nov 3, 2021 Sets & Out and About & Everyday & Monochrome Some photo sets from my outing at Kits Beach at dusk on Sunday Leica M10 & 35mm Zeiss Biogon f2 Set Theory Jul 18, 2021 Sets & Experiments & Moments & Monochrome I’m increasingly interested in photos sets, images that that “go together” in some way to tell a story or present some common theme. Sets of 2 or 3 Sale May 31, 2021 The Street & Sets & Monochrome Two frames that, I think, make an interesting set Couple More Photo Sets May 9, 2021 The Street & Experiments & Sets & Monochrome A couple more sets from the same outing. None of these are particularly good photos but I do enjoy them as a set Photo Set Experiments May 5, 2021 The Street & 'Scapes & Experiments & Sets & Monochrome One of the reasons I started this blog was to have a place to experiment and make notes about how I edit and present some of my photography. Most