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May 31, Granville Island May 31, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I was out for a pint at Granville Island this afternoon with freinds and decided to stick around and take a walk after we disbanded. Apart from a M10 Morning May 3, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street It was a beautiful spring morning and circumstances allowed me to be downtown and to have time to get out for a walk. I brought my Leica M10 with 4th Ave Afternoon Apr 21, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street I haven’t really done any street photography since Las Vegas back in February. I had fun this afternoon shopping and running some errands with my Shades of Las Vegas Feb 20, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street Some select black & white images from our Las Vegas Trip. Ricoh GR3 + a few iPhone 15 Pro Vegas Strip Feb 20, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street Photos from the past few days along the Las Vegas Strip Ricoh GR3 Freemont Street Feb 19, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street Some shots from the spectacle that is Freemont Street, Las Vegas! Ricoh GR3 Colorful New Year Feb 10, 2024 Out and About & Color & The Street I decided to revisit yesterdays photos and select some that work well in color. I went for a bit of a film look and not overly saturated colors Happy Lunar New Year! Feb 9, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street A quick trip to Chinatown this afternoon in celebration of Lunar New Year. All of the shops and restaurants were busy with people stocking up for Glimpses of Infrastructure Feb 3, 2024 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I’ve been ill with a bad cold (or some other nasty virus) for the past few days so I was happy I felt well enough this afternoon to go for a walk Dunbar Trick or Treat Oct 28, 2023 Color & Out and About & The Street Haloween came early to Dunbar today with the annual Trick or Treat event in Dunbar village! Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon ZM lens Saturday Morning, Whistler Village Sep 25, 2023 Color & Out and About & The Street We were up in Whister this past weekend to attend a friends birthday party. It was a short and busy trip but I found a bit of time for a photo walk Sunday Street Scenes Sep 17, 2023 Monochrome & Out and About & The Street I got a lot of steps in on Sunday as my wife and I were exploring Victoria. I got a good number of snaps in as well. Leica M10 & Zeiss 35mm f2 30 Minutes In Chinatown May 19, 2023 The Street & Out and About & Monochrome After delivering a kid to an appointment yesterday morning I had a bit of time on my hands. Rather than sit in my car and doom scroll I took the Granville Street Morning May 17, 2023 The Street & Out and About & Monochrome I was downtown yesterday morning with a little bit of time on my hands before a day of meetings. After fueling up with an Americano Misto I strolled Errands on Broadway Apr 17, 2023 Everyday & Monochrome & The Street Christine and I had some errands to run and shopping to do on West Broadway this past Sunday. Everyday moments that give life texture and that I Cambie Street Bridge, Monochrome Edition Apr 13, 2023 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street & 'Scapes A series of black and white edits from my Cambie Bridge photos from the other day. I always find it interesting how removing color, adjusting Spring Evening, Cambie Street Bridge Apr 12, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street & 'Scapes A series of photos from around and on the Cambie Street Bridge yesterday evening. It was a nice spring evening with some warm light to paint the South Granville Springtime Mar 18, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street The last time I hung out on South Granville was almost a year ago with my Leica M8. Wife and daughter were shopping so I tagged along with the M8’s Ricoh GR3x First Outing Feb 20, 2023 Out and About & Color & The Street While I was out of town this week a package arrived with a like-new, pre-owned, Ricoh GR3x Urban Edition camera. The GR3x is almost identical the Pleasant Evening Sep 9, 2022 Monochrome & Out and About & The Street Some photos from a 20-minute walk in Mt. Pleasant between Main & Quebec and 5th & 8th Ave. My GR3 is out for a sensor cleaning so I pressed its Sunday Street Snapshots Jul 10, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street I tagged along on a mother-daughter shopping trip downtown this afternoon. The weather was nice and the streets were busy. A good day for some Shades of Mount Pleasant Jul 3, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street Being partially color blind makes me wonder how others percieve color and what attracts them to an image. My particular flavor of color blindness is An Hour in Mount Pleasant Jul 2, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street Christine had an appointment in Mount Pleasant this afternoon so I tagged along and spent an hour exploring the streets east of Main and north of Olympic Village, Friday Afternoon May 22, 2022 Everyday & Color & The Street I was at the office on Friday and took a quick walk to grab a late lunch and take a few photos around Olympic Village and Mount Pleasant. Ricoh GR Quick Trip Downtown May 11, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street I had a couple of errands to run today downtown at lunch. I took a little bit of extra time to capture some street scenes. I also realized today Some M8 Monochromes May 9, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I mentioned yesterday that I especially like the black & white images that the Leica M8 produces. Here are a few of yesterdays photos from the black M8 on South Granville May 8, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street & Rediscovered The M8 was Leica’s first digital rangefinder, released in the fall of 2006. I aquired mine used in the spring of 2010 and fell in love with the Main Street Moments Feb 21, 2022 Out and About & Monochrome & The Street I tagged along on my wife and daughter’s shopping trip to Main Street yesterday afternoon. A lot of people were out and about enjoying their Sunday April in February Feb 12, 2022 Out and About & Color & The Street So far February has had an unusualy number of warm and sunny days. Today was no exception. It was great weather for a walk down to Broadway to M8 28 Jan 18, 2022 Recollection & Color & The Street 28mm is probably my favorite focal length. When I look at my Lightroom catalog many of my favorite photos are taken with 28mm equivalent lenses. I Dunbar by Night Jan 13, 2022 Everyday & The Street & Monochrome It was a sunny and warm January day today. Yesterday’s rain melted all the snow and Vancouver looks like Vancouver again. The snow was a nice change Arbutus St. Dec 4, 2021 Out and About & Everyday & The Street & Monochrome Was time to get the Winter tires installed so I had some time to kill this morning after I dropped the car off. I walked down to the beach, and was Tree Lot Dec 4, 2021 Out and About & Color & The Street It’s that time of year again when Christmas Tree lots spring up. If the weather forcast is to be believed there may even be some snow to complete Mt. Pleasant Lunch Run Nov 10, 2021 Everyday & The Street & Monochrome Recently I’ve started to go into the office once a week or so to connect with other humans and take advantage of the change in scenery from the Vintage Broadway Nov 7, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Color Part two of my outing yesterday was along West Broadway. The weather had taken a turn for the worse but I had walked from home so didn’t really have Victoria Morning Distraction Sep 8, 2021 Out and About & The Street & 'Scapes & Monochrome I haven’t posted in a while. Sometimes life gets in the way of art (or at least recreation)! The past few weeks have been busy with work and back to Missed the Market Aug 16, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Everyday & Monochrome I was at Granville Island on Sunday morning for a walk and a coffee and thought I would spend some time in the Public Market and take some photos. Yaletown at 75 …mm …equivalent Aug 10, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Experiments & Monochrome Some quick street test shots with the Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR lens on the streets of Yaletown this afternoon. This is a nice compact lens with a Overcast in Yaletown Aug 1, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Everyday & Monochrome My wife and I were out for a walk this afternoon in Yaletown. It was overcast and a bit hazy which kept it a bit cooler but it also resulted in Strathcona Farmer’s Market Jul 27, 2021 Out and About & The Street & Experiments & Monochrome I was in Edmonton this past weekend with my daughters visiting my Mom, Sister & Nieces. It was a quick weekend trip but we managed a trip to the Vaccination Station Jun 28, 2021 Everyday & The Street & Monochrome This past Saturday was my dose #2 for COVID-19 vaccination at the Canada Place convention centre here in Vancouver. Took a few photos around Canada Market Morning Jun 19, 2021 Everyday & The Street & Monochrome Busy Saturday morning at Granville Island Public Market. People taking advantage of a nice spring morning and collecting supplies for Fathers Day. Sale May 31, 2021 The Street & Sets & Monochrome Two frames that, I think, make an interesting set South Granville Sunday May 30, 2021 The Street & Everyday & Monochrome A quick walk around South Granville this afternoon with the Ricoh GR iii 2016 White Rock Pier May 28, 2021 Recollection & Out and About & The Street & 'Scapes & Monochrome & Coasting A collection of photos from a visit to the White Rock Pier on a nice spring day in March 2016. The pier was severley damaged during a windstorm in Let’s Heal The Divide May 20, 2021 The Street & Everyday & 'Scapes & Monochrome I had a little time to kill this afternoon and decided to dust off my Leica M8 with 21mm Voigtlander Color Skopar f4. This tiny 21mm lens gives a (Re) Discovered May 17, 2021 The Street & Recollection & Monochrome I love when I discover photos in my catalog that I don’t have a clear memory of taking or had previously dismissed. Here are a few from Montreal in Couple More Photo Sets May 9, 2021 The Street & Experiments & Sets & Monochrome A couple more sets from the same outing. None of these are particularly good photos but I do enjoy them as a set Photo Set Experiments May 5, 2021 The Street & 'Scapes & Experiments & Sets & Monochrome One of the reasons I started this blog was to have a place to experiment and make notes about how I edit and present some of my photography. Most