My wife and I were out for a walk this afternoon in Yaletown. It was overcast and a bit hazy which kept it a bit cooler but it also resulted in pretty flat light. There is a bit of motion blur in some of these shots as I was photographing while walking (should have bumped up the ISO to use higher shutter speeds). I was also zone focusing for many of the shots, which on a 50mm lens has a narrower depth of field than my typical 28 or 35mm go-to lenses. As a result some of these shots missed focus a bit. I still like the results! Leica M10 & Zeiss 50mm 1.5 ZM C Sonnar

Pack LeaderPack Leader


Sweet SpotSweet Spot

D-E-F DocksD-E-F Docks


Right Feet ForwardRight Feet Forward

Head StarboardHead Starboard


On the LookoutOn the Lookout

To the PartyTo the Party

Al FrescoAl Fresco

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