Yaletown at 75 …mm …equivalent

Some quick street test shots with the Fujinon XF 50mm f2 R WR lens on the streets of Yaletown this afternoon. This is a nice compact lens with a 75mm equivalent field of view on the Fuji X cameras sensor. It’s a good choice for a compact but still pretty fast lens when you want a bit more reach to bring your subject up closer. I’m keen to try it for some portraits as well.

Most of these shots are wide open at f2.0 as I was curious to see how this lens performs at maximum apterture which is not typically how I shoot street photos. I was impressed with the sharpness and contrast of this lens wide open. Fujifilm X-T2 at ISO 200

Going Places - f2.0 1/5800 secGoing Places - f2.0 1/5800 sec

Passing the Black Doors - f2.0 1/2200 secPassing the Black Doors - f2.0 1/2200 sec

Signs of Mainland St. - f2.0 1/950 secSigns of Mainland St. - f2.0 1/950 sec

Cobblestone Speed Bumps - f2.0 1/900 secCobblestone Speed Bumps - f2.0 1/900 sec

No Stopping… - f2.0 1/2200 secNo Stopping… - f2.0 1/2200 sec

Parking & Smoking - f2.0 1/1700 secParking & Smoking - f2.0 1/1700 sec

YBC - f2.0 1/350 secYBC - f2.0 1/350 sec

Rest Stop Hamilton & Helmcken - f2.0 1/1700 secRest Stop Hamilton & Helmcken - f2.0 1/1700 sec

Delivery Complete - f2.0 1/680 secDelivery Complete - f2.0 1/680 sec

Sidelong Glance - f2.0 1/2700 secSidelong Glance - f2.0 1/2700 sec

Aeriel Art Installation - f4.0 1/2400 secAeriel Art Installation - f4.0 1/2400 sec

Call a Cab - f4.0 1/680 secCall a Cab - f4.0 1/680 sec

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