1999 NYC With An Olympus XA

My first trip to New York was in August of 1999. It was a quick business trip but I had a good part of a weekend to do some sightseeing. I brought my Olympus XA pocket rangefinder camera with me on the trip and put a couple of rolls of film through it. These are some low res scans of the color negatives from that trip. I need to dig these negatives out and get them scanned at a higher quality!

This was the first of many trips to New York over the years. In fact I ended up living just across the river in Ft. Lee New Jersey for most of the following year while working on a software project. I still have my little Olympus XA, I liked that camera so much I bought a second backup copy a while after that trip. I’ve also added a couple of zone focusing XA2s to the XA collection over the years as well. They don’t get much use these days. Film and scanning is expensive, but I do love the look of these images and the pocketability of these great little cameras. Perhaps it’s time to dust the XAs off and take them for a spin.

Olympus XA pocket rangefinder film camera

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