Thanksgiving at the Beach

We had our feast earlier this weekend so I took advantage of the continued warm weather for a walk at Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach this evening. A lot of people had the same idea!

Leica M10 with 75mm Voightlander Color Heliar f2.5 & Ricoh GR3

Cyclists in the sun, Leica M10Cyclists in the sun, Leica M10

Walking through the shadows, Leica M10Walking through the shadows, Leica M10

Chats, Leica M10Chats, Leica M10

Setup, Leica M10Setup, Leica M10

VR7 race foilboard, Leica M10VR7 race foilboard, Leica M10

Pier Closed, Leica M10Pier Closed, Leica M10

Attaching the wheels, Leica M10Attaching the wheels, Leica M10

Urban Sailboarding, Leica M10Urban Sailboarding, Leica M10

Rope & Shadows, Ricoh GR3Rope & Shadows, Ricoh GR3

Club Locarno, Ricoh GR3Club Locarno, Ricoh GR3

Sunset Shadows, Ricoh GR3Sunset Shadows, Ricoh GR3

Boards, Ricoh GR3Boards, Ricoh GR3

Divided attention, Leica M10Divided attention, Leica M10

At the shoreline, Leica M10At the shoreline, Leica M10

Finish Line, Ricoh GR3Finish Line, Ricoh GR3

Backlit, Ricoh GR3Backlit, Ricoh GR3

Loading, Ricoh GR3Loading, Ricoh GR3

Shoulder check, Ricoh GR3Shoulder check, Ricoh GR3

Sunset Run, Ricoh GR3Sunset Run, Ricoh GR3

Game over, Ricoh GR3Game over, Ricoh GR3

Pole gull, Leica M10Pole gull, Leica M10

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