Clouds & Classic Chrome

It was an overcast morning but the sun was proving some nice warm light and some soft color to the clouds. I left the rangefinders at home this morning and grabbed the Fujifilm XT-2 & Fujinon XF 60mm f2.4 R Macro. The 60mm Macro is a pretty versatile lens, in addition to it’s raison d’etre as a close-up lens it’s also a capable and compact short telephoto providing the full frame equivalent of a 90mm lens. It’s not the fastest focusing lens so it’s not great for any kind of fast moving subject. Some of the photos of geese in flight missed focus completely! All of these photos are processed in Lightroom using the Fujifilm Classic Chrome film simulation. I really like the lower color saturation and tonality of this look, I think it matches how I see color pretty closely and it just has a nice nostalgic vibe!


By Sea & By AirBy Sea & By Air

Skimming … and SwimmingSkimming … and Swimming




Fishing or MeditationFishing or Meditation

Head in the CloudsHead in the Clouds

City’s Thought BubbleCity’s Thought Bubble

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