Today was a gorgeous day to hang out at Granville Island with my wife for a while this afternoon. It was also a good opportunity to try out the diminutive TTArtisan M 28mm f5.6 lens with the Leica M10 as basically a snapshot setup. The TTArtisan M 28 5.6 looks to be, at least cosmetically, a clone of Leica’s own Summaron 28mm f5.6 which can be had for 10 times the price of this little lens! Most of these shots were prefocused at F8 and about 2.5 metres which guarantees that pretty much everything will be in focus. It’s a fun setup and I’m keep to experiment some more with this combo. So far I like the colors and the rendering on the M10.

Leica M10 & TTArtisan M 28mm f5.6 lens

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