XPan Aspect Ratio

I was watching a YouTube video today about the Hasselblad XPan. The XPan is a circa 1998, 35mm film camera that takes panoramic images by exposing a wide aspect ratio onto 35mm film. It’s a camera that is still in high demand and as such commands an asoundingly high price. It’s simple enough to copy the 2.7:1 aspect ratio by cropping in Lightroom and there are even some digital cameras that will do an in-camera crop to this format.

I spent some time this afternoon going through the last few months of my catalog looking for photos that would work in this format. I found quite a few photos that I think work really well in this format including some that I didn’t really know what to do with in more standard formats. I may have got a little overzealous in picking so many photos, chalk it up to novelty. I like the results, it’s a format I’m adding to my repitoire!

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